I wonder if there is a Lake Smell candle

I was recently in Glacier National Park and by Bowmake Lake. As my husband and I were hiking around I commented how much I like the smell that comes off a lake. It got me wondering if there was a candle that actually smelled like that, not Ocean Breeze that smells more like hotel soap. I would love to be able to have that smell wherever I go.

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Seems like I’ve seen some candles labeled as “Lake Breeze”. Probably at a dollar store…


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My problem with those candles is that it smells nothing like when you are by water and more like a bar of hotel soap, haha.

Try Bath And Bodyworks. They can be pricey (im cheap), but if you catch a good sale, you can get them pretty cheap. They have a candle and soap called lakeside morning. Go to the store and take a smell first.

Ohh, thanks. There is one near me and I’ll have to go check it out!