I think I have found a solution about the Internet While Traveling

Hey all it’s Mert, I am new at the community and happy to share my thoughts

I and my family of 4 have started to tour Europe this June. We have had a lot of help from this forum and I would love to inform you about a gadget we have discovered in Berlin.Our start point was Kovačine, Croatia, my friends told me that the internet is a problem there. So we found a company named Rent ‘n Connect provides a 4G speed internet connection with a tiny dongle named Mobile Hotspot (or they called it Mi-Fİ). You can connect to it with up to 10 devices and the most surprising part is it is truly unlimited without any quotas or speed bumps. I am not a fan of the internet while i try to isolate myself from city life but its too important for our children… We are a different generation I guess… When we get the device we were amazed, perfect internet solution for us, It provides connection anywhere in Europe, the UK and some of my friends used the device at Turkey. Hope this helped. Best wishes to every one of you! Keep riding :slight_smile:


How is their services (Rent n Connect) compared to Skyroam cause I have been using Skyroam on my traverses across Europe but my experiences has always been horrible cause of the slow Networks

Also what are the speeds for rent n connect Wifi cause it seems this can be the right solution to my internet problem. I work online and I need a reliable connection anywhere I go.


I just want to welcome everybody. I’m in the USA, so not much help, but wishing everyone the best!


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