I purchased the Van Life Academycourse,and can't access it. Help?

I’ve already purchased the Van Life Academy course the 22dn January. Yesterday,I wanted to access the course ,by accessing my purchase and it said: " URL expired and no longer valid"
How can I access the course purchased? I messaged contact,but just got an automatic reply non related to my question.
Any number to contact Henry Cooper?

Thank you,

Veronica Lara


You might try going to:

Then click to message him.


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Hey! Did you email us on contact@projectvanlife.com

That would be the place to reach out regarding this as stated on the sign up page.

When you sign up for the course you receive login credentials on your email. If it’s not there please check your spam or junk folder.

Hi Henry,
I’ve sent two emails to your contact projectvanlife com ,the 24th February,from my g mail account and your website. since no response, I tried via this.

I purchased the 22nd January,and I have been busy this last month. Now I have time,and I wanted to acces the training course and says URL link expired or no valid. There is nothing in spam nor my inbox.

Is it possible to receive again the login credentials so I can start the training? Here’s my email account : veronicaml20 gmail. com from which i had sent you previous e mails to contact projectvanlife

Thank you.


Greetings Veronica!

Are you using an app to access Gmail? I do, and sometimes I find that my program shows no spam, but if I go straight to Gmail via the web, that spam folder will have many emails in it, and every once in a while it’ll catch something I actually want. Usually some sort of login information or confirmation code.

So if I don’t get something I’m expecting, I’ll go straight to Gmail and check the spam folder, and if find what I’m looking for, I make sure to mark it as “Not Spam”. Sometimes this works for future emails, sometimes not, but at least I know where to go look when necessary.

I don’t know how long Gmail keeps what it thinks is spam, and it’s been long enough that Gmail may have deleted it by now, but maybe this can help you in the future.

Since Henry responded above, you’re probably in good hands and he’ll get you fixed up. Please keep us posted!


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I just replied to your email.
We usually take 1-2 business days to reply and your email came in right before a weekend.

The reason it says URL expired is because since then we have improved the course and changed some of the links as well.

I just replied to your email. And resent your login credentials. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding Van Life Academy please email out: contact@projectvanlife.com

Thank you for helping out!! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


No problem, always glad to help when I can. :smiley:


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

Hi Van_Dweller,
Thanks for your message. Gmail,accesing through my computer, eliminates spam after 30 days. I checked,but must have been erased.
Yes,I’ll wait for Henry to get back to me.
Thank you very much!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Henry,
Thank you , I have received your emails in my inbox,and have been able to acces the course :slight_smile:
Thanks again!
Have a great week,

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