I am about to go buy a bus, Looking for any information/recommendations

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I am getting ready to go fly a state away to buy this bus. Does anyone know any information that I need before going out to buy the bus?

This 2002 Thomas bus has 109,000 miles on a Diesel Cummins engine,

fluids, oil, filters recently changed, maintenance/checks done every 5 months,

6 almost new continental heavy duty tires,

new batteries,

stereo and speakers,

all around tinted windows,

recently used for a road trip from New York to the South, They are asking about $10,000 . (is this a good price?)

Does anyone have any information about the details I listed above? These are some details I am looking to learn more about before I go and buy the bus if possible: - Insurance (I am 20, wondering if/how that is going to impact insurance and best ways to mitigate effects)

  • Title - Registration
  • Checking over the vehicle
  • maintenance
  • cummins engine
  • dually rear tire details, capabilities, benefits, or limitations
  • best places to sell bus seats with seatbelts
  • traveling to another state to pick up a bus
  • best ways to get inspected before purchasing
  • 30’ bus information and benefits?
  • Things you should have done when you bought your bus?
  • Any other information/recommendations


All I can offer for the bus itself is that cummins is reputed to be a good engine, and if it is coupled to an allison transmission even better.

Before purchase, you should determine the bus’s top comfortable cruising speed, to see if it’s appropriate for highway travel. Also, can you stand up in it? Many grade school buses are a bit short in the roof height.

Check to make absolute sure you can insure it before purchase too.

If desired, I can also give you tips on the conversion…


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