I am a nomad by birth and dream of life on the road

I am natural born wanderer who can never stay in one place for long. Best thing is I have enlisted my hubby too as well as our 7 pound bullmastiv “poodle” We just got back from a 7 week 27 state trip in a Toyota Tundra with a tent on the back. We got home and realized we belong on the road. We are in the process of getting more appropriate wheels for roadlife and can’t wait to dive right back into what I love. Yay for taking the leap of faith. You can find us, and mostly of Duke on instagram as @dukesbucketlist.


Welcome to the community @Suene_Naimee :grinning:

What vehicle are y’all thinking of?

Transit 350 extended. It is a bigggg vehicle but we decided rather have room to roam than feel like we undershot in size.


Never seen a ‘extended’ version before, could you post a pic of what that looks like?

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