Hymer Aktiv 2.0

Looking for advice on buying a 2018 Hymer Active 2.0 with pop up. If anyone has information on experiences, issues, problems with the van…

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They are built on top of Promasters, so they will possibly suffer from the same common issues. I like the pop tops on any style of van and wish we had one on ours.


Pop tops are extremely cheap and easy to build if you use the foamie method. I make them all hard sided myself, so there’s no canvas to rot, and you have real opening windows. You just fold the solid sides & ends in. The hole in the roof is much smaller than on high tops, so most of the ribs are left intact, so the pop tops don’t need all the reinforcing that the high tops do.

Originally I duplicated the aluminum TEC (Travel Equipment Corp.) pop tops, but later switched to the foamie method which is so much lighter & easier to work with. I use foam insulation covered in screen with glue, then apply truck bed coating, plasticoat paint, or plastidip to them for a high gloss finished look.

With the foamie method, you can even make them look like they have no pop top when closed, like the Eurovans have.


"Never gamble more than you can afford to lose." ~ Dare2Dream