Hybrid Toyota Sienna?

I’m looking at minivans to use as a camper. The new Siennas only come as hybrids, and I wonder what I gain going with one as opposed to a gas-only Odyssey. My concerns are that hybrids aren’t as efficient for long highway drives, these vans are heavy because of the battery, and the batteries have a limited life and are expensive to replace. The AWD is a bonus for snowy passes and gravel roads, but what makes more of a difference are the tires. The Sienna is not a 4WD. Paying 50,000 or more for a minivan seems excessive, but I would consider one if there is a compelling reason.


Well the hybrid is supposed to get 36 mpg combined driving, that’s going to be hard to beat if mpg is important to you. It is also supposed to be extremely reliable.

FWIW I have lived fairly comfortably in mini vans, but bigger is more comfortable, and higher on my priority list than mpg.


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