Husband - Wife - German Shepherd

Heyo! Just got into the game with a 2011 Ford E450 19 pass. shuttle bus 6.8L V-10 that we’ll be converting to a liveable space. Based out of Arroyo Grande, CA we are looking to get out for anywhere from 6-10 months with our perfect little road dog Axel (130lb. German Shepherd, LOL). Plan is; No Plan! Of course see all the typical stuff across the country but main focus is mountain biking!
Are we crazy to just jump out there on a 6+ month stint without first doing like a circa 1 month’r? We both have plenty of experience (I’m an Eagle Scout and construction Superintendent with above average mechanical knowledge and she loves all things outdoors); just not in the ‘vamping’ sense.

Anyways, I’ll be immediately posting a question about my secondary A/C unit so; check it out if you’re knowledgeable.


Greetings & Welcome!

I’d just say to try and make it as mechanically sound as possible, including steering & suspension. Being a little pro-active can save you a lot of money and frustration in the future.

Give Axel a big hug and a kiss from Uncle Van.

Keep us posted on your adventures, and holler if we can help.


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