Humming noise on the back

Hi all my LDV camper RWD has just developed a humming noise when I get over 45mph and get louder the faster I go. But if I take my foot off the gas is goes, im thinking a wheels bearing or diff. Has any one got any ideas

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I would take it to a shop for good diagnosis.


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Rear U joint on the drive shaft may be going out.

One possibility is your roof rack, if you have one. If you wrap a thick (e.g., 3/8" = about 1 cm) wide rope around it in a spiral fashion, windings about 3-6" (10-20 cm) apart, that may get rid of it. I had that problem - but my roof racks have round bars, not the slightly more aerodynamic wing-shape bars, and I only have a station wagon.

Likewise, if you leave a window open some amount, that might create a hum too.

Have you checked your tire pressures?

A wheel bearing would do it all the time. If it’s a Chevy Express IMO I would have the diff checked. Mine used to whine while under throttle and let off the gas and would stop right away. Mechanic said gears were shimmed incorrectly. Had gear oil replaced with synthetic while getting it straightened out, fine now.

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Yeah. U-joint or rear diff would be my guess too.