How's my wiring diagram?

Does it make sense? Am I missing anything?



What size are your house batteries? Maybe not enough solar. (300w solar per 100ah of battery recommended)

Awfully big money for that Ctek stuff…

Other than those two, looks pretty solid.


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You should also think about adding an Isolator Rely from you cars battery to the house batteries to charge your house batteries while the engine runs. Super easy to install and well worth the money $80

And you shouldn’t be getting more than 40A from your PV system so you should be fine with 40A fuses and breakers throughout your system

Good Luck!!


I think that Ctek smartpass is also an isolator, but it’s really high priced, and that multi-function electronics stuff can leave you in a world of hurt if it dies or malfunctions. I believe that in some instances, single function items are a better choice.


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