Howdy from a Newbie

Hi there, I’m Meg
I have just resigned from my teaching position after 20 years and am looking for a new adventure. Looking to hopefully hit the Australian roads with my furbaby ‘Jedi’ as my navigator and figure out what I want to do with my life moving forward.
Hoping to get lots of information, inspiration and knowledge. Not sure at this stage how much help I can be to others.
Thanks all

Hello Meg,

“Howdy” to you as well. Didn’t know they used that term down under… or is supposed to be Down Under?

Greetings & Welcome!

As a teacher I’m sure you understand that learning is a life long process, and then passing on that knowledge should be a life long goal.

We all have to start somewhere, and this place is better than most. We’ll look forward to your participation, and give Jedi a hug & a treat for me! I LOVE your smile! :slight_smile:


"Always avoid complicated solutions to solve simple problems." ~ OffGrid

Sorry Farmboy, maybe I could have used G’Day but I think I’ve said that a total of 5 times in my life. Howdy just felt right in the moment…
Anyway hi, hey, whatup and hello to you.

You’re so very right Van_Dweller… I am a life long learner, hence why I’m jumping ship of my old life and embarking on a new chapter… what ever that may involve!?. I’ll be sure to remain open-minded and give hugs and treats to Jedi as he is as much a part of this adventure as me…


No apologies necessary. I guess we’ve exported enough movies for “Howdy” to be fairly ubiquitous throughout the English speaking world (tho I have heard it debated which countries do actually speak English). If you ever come to America you may find some of the regional dialects a bit difficult to understand. My moderately militant little vegan woman (raised in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania) has trouble understanding some folks down here in Carolina. And when she hears “you-uns” and “we-uns” it tends to make her ears bleed.