How to use AI to save money on your van conversion

In an age where AI is revolutionizing everything from daily chores to complex business decisions, it’s time we harness its power to achieve our van life dreams. Why not leverage this cutting-edge technology to smartly plan how to save up for your van build and conversion?

Here’s how to use AI to save money on your van conversion

The world is embracing ChatGPT for its ability to simplify tasks, provide insightful data, and offer creative solutions. Let’s apply these benefits to help you start living vanlife!

If you’re unsure how to access ChatGPT follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a FREE account.
  3. Copy and paste the prompt templates below 1 by 1 (fill in the variables with your information).

AI prompt template

Prompt #1:

Currently, I have [$$] in my savings account and am saving [$$] per month. I expect my van to cost [$$] and the van build to cost [$$]. At this rate, how long will it take me to buy my van and build it so I can start living vanlife?

Now let’s speed up the process to achieving your vanlife dreams…

Prompt #2

I am a [age] years old and I work a [part-time/full-time] job as a [role]. My interests, skills, and hobbies are [list interests, skills, and hobbies]

What are some practical ways that I can increase my income so that I can achieve my vanlife goal sooner?

Now, let’s get practical…

Prompt #3

If as a result of increasing my income, I manage to increase my savings by [$$], how much faster (in months) will I be able to buy my van and complete my van conversion?

Get creative. The more information you give the AI the better it can help you. So continue this conversation and ask it all the questions you can think of.

But what about privacy?

I get it, you don’t want to give a scary AI your personal information. There’s a way to maintain privacy and still use ChatGPT. Here’s how:

  1. Once you’re logged into ChatGPT click your icon/name in the bottom left corner
  2. Click the “Settings and Beta” option from the menu
  3. Navigate to “Data controls”
  4. Turn OFF “Chat history & training”

This way all your data is deleted after 30 days and will not be used or seen by anyone.

Share your results!

If you found this helpful and are comfortable with sharing, take a screenshot of your conversation with the AI and share it below.

Let’s see all the interesting responses we come up with…

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