How to Test and Learn before committing to a layout?

Hi All,

I’m about to buy a MWB HighRoof Sprinter in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m 6’3 and my son is 15 and 5ft we both love surfing and this is a weekend camper.

We have some reasonably sound ideas of how we want the Van to be laid out based on hiring two vans from camplify but unsure on the exact dimensions and if our ideas are going to last long term if you know what I mean.

Do people have advice on how to Test and Learn in a VAN?

Biggest issue is we want to have a platform Double Bed at the back that extends to a King but to do this we are going to need to do a lot of wood work and most likely need to put insulation in and panelling and wiring etc… and then it feels like I’m pretty much locked in…

We don’t think we will cook much… i have grand visions of possibly working from it which I want to make comfortable.

anyway any advice on I’m CRAZY and just spend more time in VanSpace 3d which we are using would be helpful.

Thanks so much.
Cheers Troy

Best way would be to rent


If starting with a cargo van, do the floor, walls, & ceiling first. Then make everything else modular, portable, and movable, so you can just move it in and secure it. Bad layout? Rearrange, without rebuilding.

I run my wires outside the walls, to make things easier to modify. A decorative strip can hide them, while keeping them easily accessible.


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