How to stable cups, bottles and sugar/coffee jars

Hey all! lately, my partner and I have rented a van to travel in Australia. When I drive and he is reading a book and drinking his coffee there is a problem with stabilizing the cup on the table. something it’s different sizes of cups. In addition, jars and oil bottles are not so stable in the kitchen cabinet. Did someone here have my problem? What can we do?

I use plenty of small plastic trays in my cabinets to put those things. If the items do not fill the tray and rattle, I fill the voids with 2 to 3” pieces of round pipe foam insulation. It works for most driving condition except huge off-road bumps. I do not have that problem with coffee cups that are filled with coffee because I drive a passenger van and there are drink cup holders molded into the dash console and all the side walls. Yeti cups with the magnetic anti spill lids are by favorite. If I really do not want some drink to spill I use a Yeti cup with a screw on gasket lid.

For stuff on the counter we use the square silicone trivets that you can buy for pretty cheap. They are a tad sticky so they won’t slide and the stuff on them won’t slide off either. For stuff we don’t move much like plants we use quake putty.

One solution could be to use non-slip silicone mats or coasters to stabilize the cups on the table. You could also try using adjustable cup holders that fit different sizes of cups.