How To Reset GMC air conditioner

I’m looking for a good guide Can’t find it. someone give me a good reference link from smart ac solutions and its really working i feel happy to solve my long time issues

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Not enough info, need vehicle info, year/make/model etc.

A/C while driving, or while camping? While camping a battery powered solution is your best choice, and that pretty much rules out traditional compressor based A/C because they’re energy hogs. Energy efficient swamp coolers, Peltier powered heat pumps, ice fans, cooling towels & wraps, and even wet t-shirts & clothing with a fan are effective choices.

Staying cool is easy if you quit listening to all the so called “experts”. People have known how to stay cool for thousands of years, since long before electricity, and those solutions work just as well today as they did long ago. We don’t need to do without, we just need to adapt & do things differently.

Power, or the lack thereof is our biggest problem. Solar & wind are unreliable, isolators require driving, and generators consume fuel and can be noisy & inconvenient. Batteries can die, and wires can fry. For this reason, I treat power as a luxury, and none of my essentials require power except my laptop & my phone.

I can heat, cool, cook, refrigerate, and ventilate with fuel, and without the need of power. I can also use multiple fuels, such as kerosene, diesel, cooking oil, & more. Cooking oil is currently the most convenient for me.


"Life can be as simple or as complicated as you make it.
Simple is cheaper and more reliable."
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