How to make money online?

Hi everyone, I have one question so i know that there is à lot of people who have à vanlife and work online with à computer in ordre to make à living.
So my question is If you want work online is it possible to put wi fi in the van? I mean i dont even know If it s à common thing ( to install WiFi in a van) or If its impossible or if there are few people who do that.
And if the answer is no like it s impossible how do they work, those people who have an online work?

Thank you:)

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Greetings & Welcome!

Most people use their cellphones as a hotspot for a laptop, or just use free wifi located in towns. Some people prefer to work from a coffee shop, cafe, fast food joint, or the library when they need internet.

I made big money online selling ebooks, then switched to doing remote computer tune-ups, and now I have a number of hands free websites that sell advertising for other businesses, and hosting for small business websites. Sometimes, I will also help people build their websites.

Since I work for myself, I can decide how often, and how many hours I want to work.

Another option is to just get a regular job that involves travel. I was a traveling construction worker for 30 years. There are unlimited non internet related self employed jobs available too, handyman, plumber, electrician, car detailing, pressure washing, lawn care, house cleaning, moving helper, and many many more. Some people follow the crop harvests for example too.


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Okay got it thank you very much for this big answer

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Many nomads use a mobile hotspot in addition to or instead of their smartphone hotspot/tethering/data feature. I am not yet on the road but I have a hotspot that I am using at home. I have my main internet service through Comcast Xfinity, which is a modem, plugged into a wall outlet, that sits up on my table.

This mobile hotspot that I have (and there are many from various services) is a small, flat box a little larger than a credit card and about 1/2" thick. I pay $11.95 a month for the service (through a low-income program because my Social Security is so low) and I had to buy the box, which was $99 one time charge. I can take it anywhere and it’s been working just fine. I bought the service for when I do go on the road. Then I will cancel Xfinity and return their box.

I tried to share a link so you could see this mobile hotspot but new users can’t share links. Just search Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot or just mobile hotspot and you can see some of them. You can buy one separate and then buy a service for it but I would buy the bundle. That is the best way to be sure that the device works with the service.

All of the major wireless companies have mobile hotspot services. I think most of them cost much more than what I pay. Seems that the average is around $50 monthly, after you buy their device. Some nomads who must have internet svc where ever they are buy 2-3 services and hotspots. If one doesn’t work as well in a location, maybe the other will. The best that I have heard is Verizon. Mine is Sprint/T-Mobile. If I can afford it I will probably have to get a Verizon too.

I hope all of this helps and good luck to you!


Here’s a link for everybody:


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Hi, here’s a new way of making money online. this is especially good for people who love to travel like vanlifers.


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This is an interesting delivery sharing service for nomads to make a little money here and there while traveling anyway. Will bookmark Going That Way. Thanks!