How to live a van life in India


Hello earthfolk. I live in India and would like to go Mobile with my living situation.
Is it even possible to do here? If yes! Please help me get started.


We recently made a post on our Instagram (about 3 weeks ago), asking people if they know of anyone that sells camper vans or services that offer the conversions/build of campervans in India.

Unfortunately, we got a lot of responses from people saying it’s not possible in India because of roads, the types of vans they have over there, and lack of resources.

Although, we will continue to keep looking. Nothing is impossible and i’m sure we will eventually find some resources. Keep an eye on our marketplace, because if we do find someone we will post them on there.


Hi !! I am also from India!


Where in India are you ?


Seen multiple people here from India now! I’m no help in that area, but I hope you can all get together and experience van life