How to keep Dometic fridge secure in cabinet

I have a Dometic CRX 65 and currently building a cabinet for it. My question is how do you keep your fridge secured while the van is in motion? Any pictures or links would be helpful. I’m VERY hesitant to follow the instructions I’ve seen where folks are drilling through the side panel of the fridge in order to attach it to cabinetry. This feels like it’s destroying the integrity of the fridge’s own insulation. Cheers!


I’m a big fan of sliding doors on cabinets. No catches needed, and they stay shut while traveling. When I’m building one, I even put my drawers behind sliding doors.


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I used locking slides for my fridge tray. It slides out of its area and locks in both the open and closed positions.

We ended up moving ours and just are going to make a bench around and above it. It’s so heavy when loaded full. Maybe if you got 500lb slides or ones that are floor mounted. It makes a great seat anyway.

The CRX65 users guide includes installation instructions and it looks like there are holes provided to secure the box to the side walls of the cabinet.


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