How to insure a van in Europe as a foreigner

Hi guys! My partner and myself are New Zealander’s that have been living in The UK for the past 3 years (we both have a UK drivers licence). We are wanting to buy a van and travel Europe for 6-8 months when our visa runs out next year, meaning we will no longer be “Perminant residents” of UK. My question is how would we go about getting insurance for our van when we are not residents of the country? :+1::v:️:minibus:


You should probably contact a insurance company or lawyer and they will give you the best advice

In this situation, usually, people go with insurance for ‘any driver’ policy, but it has old fashioned. I think you should contact local insurer in the UK or can also see the NI van insurance quotes here to get a better idea of different insurance companies that are operating in the UK or Northern Ireland. Similarly, I would suggest you to get daily van insurance because UK authorities and companies allow regular insurance services to non-residents with UK driving license. You can get more details here.

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i tend to google using the keywords “insurance broker” “van” “local” or the community place names.
usually get 2 or 3 results that I will email them for help