How to find other vanlifers on the road?

Are there any websites or apps that help us find each other when on the road? Or do a lot of people keep to themselves? I plan on traveling alone and would love to connect with others.

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There are a lot of gatherings and rallies around the country each year. Going to them you can meet a lot of like minded folks, and frequently groups will even travel together when it’s convenient.

Additionally you can post on the forums asking if anybody’s in your area, or in the area where you’re headed, and make meetup arrangements.


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I actually asked a similar question awhile ago and @Van_Dweller found this for me.

But I too was wondering about “convoys” or “groups” that traveled together. Closest thing I found was this group, but they are in a limited area that they rotate through so not really much of a “travel” group.

But other than that I haven’t really found anything else. I was thinking of putting together a Discord Server that people could join and find others by location, but haven’t really made a move in that direction yet.

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Check this out…