How to earn money as a finished medicin student in a van

Hi there,
I m sorry if I bother you with this question. I read some of the posts of how to earn money during van life and they didn’t answer my exact question, so I decided to ask once again.

So I am new on this platform and I don t have a van yet. I want to change my life and I dream for quite a long time to start a Vanlife with my Girlfriend. We both are from Germany and she is already working and might find a good way to work online. For me on the other hand it is quite difficult. I am finishing my medicine study soon and I dont have any special abilities beside that. So I m looking for a way to be mobile and somehow to earn money after studying.

I would like to know if you know somebody who manged to earn money as a doctor and life in a van or perhaps you have an idea how I could do that?

I would be really grateful for any constructive suggestion

I’m not sure if this is a thing in Germany, but in the US we have telemedicine, which is a fairly new thing and was made even more relevant due to covid. Someone has to answer those calls and get paid for them. Good luck!