How to box in a refrigerator


Are in the process bo building my second van, and have chosen a Dometic rf 60 as the refrigerator. It will mainly run on gas, and I know from my first van (it was a quick conversation with a more simple refrigerator solution) that it becomes really hot on the backside when using gas.

This one will be in one of the kitchen cabinets, hence I will need to ventilate and prevent high heat in that compartment. But I have not really managed to find any description to get inspiration on how to actually do this compartment/box for the refrigerator so I get ventilation and enough heat resistance when using gas. Any ideas or pages/videos for inspiration and how have you done this?

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Hi! I saw a video, if i find it I will post it. It was for a window ac unit that was boxed in. It needed 2 inches of space on all sides. Top and bottom too. I ended up doing this for my window ac and it works! This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but maybe a starting place to experiment a bit.
Also, a computer fan on one of the walls may help blow some of the hot air outside too.

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I’m not saying this is absolutely correct, but I normally wrap the top, bottom, & sides with an extra couple of inches of foam board insulation. The back side is going to require a large cut out with an opening grill covering it. You can probably salvage one from a wrecking yard.

Then it’s just a matter of building a cabinet around it. I build the cabinets with 3" of clearance on the top, bottom, & sides. Not because it’s needed today, but because if it ever needs to be replaced with one of slightly different dimensions, it’ll still fit without having to rebuild everything.


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Thanks for the advice. What I primarily was concerned about is the heat that comes from the gas burner, but then I think my plan will be to box it in with wood on the side/bottom (and use insulation tape, don’t know the English word for it, but the type that are used at windows to provide insulation) and metal on the top. And then use one fresh air inlet and one fan-driven outlet, which should be enough both for the gas leak risk and the heat.


Normally fridge vents are fairly large, and will open to give access to the back of the fridge. No extra fans are needed.


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I got one of these for my ac that I boxed in! Works perfectly for venting!

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