How to access van life academy tutorial

So im confused on how to access the 95 videos or whatnot in the academy. When i log in, it takes me to this forum. Can someone help point me to the course material? Thanks


Thanks for asking this question! I’m hoping the Leader & Admin @HenryCooper can offer guidance on this.

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Hey! Just navigate back to Van Life Courses - Project Van Life

Then click Van Life Academy. And you’re in!

Must be some glitch redirecting you here. I’ll get it fixed.

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Hey, so this still isnt intuitive at all from the android app. In fact this whole time ive been coming to this message to link back to the tutorials

What am i missing?

From the community feed, clucking the van icon does nothing and none of the icons on the right lead to a way back to that main page

Which van icon are you referring too?

Everything should be working on Android. What browser are you using?

Im using the app. Theres a project van life icon in the top left i can click but nothing happens.

On desktop its easy to find

But by following your link it goes right there so are you just linking me to the website? Theres not a way to just jump there from the app?

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Even if the app is purely for the forum i guess i just thought thered be a link

Not currently but we are working on adding it

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