How reliable are Chevy Express vans?

Hey all!

Looking for advice on a Chevy Express 1500 van for short term, full time living.

It wouldn’t be my first choice because of the gas mileage, but I’m living in a place with minimal housing options for my summer job, so I need to find something fast!

I’m eyeing a 2011 with 153,000 miles (goes for $10k). It’s been looked at by a mechanic and seems like it runs well and has had work done recently (brakes replaced). It’s half converted already with insulation and a bed platform.

As I don’t know the next thing about cars, I’m curious if anyone has experience with these vans that can tell me about their reliability. Is it a money pit, or reliable at this mileage? What are some common issues? I plan to road trip in it as well.

Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you!!

Greetings & Welcome!

I would strongly suggest a cheap, older, move in ready motorhome.

Good luck & keep us posted. :slight_smile:


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