How many here carry a motorcycle or scooter?

Just ordered a hitch mount motorcycle carrier to carry my dual sport, a DRZ400. The DRZ is my go anywhere machine for jeep and ATV trails, or just grocery runs. Also have a trailer to carry my heavier bikes for more dedicated motorcycle-centric pursuits. I’ve been using the trailer to haul sport bikes to places like Colorado to ride the mountain twisties, or a couple of dual sports to places like Utah and Idaho for dedicated offroad adventures. Anyone else here do the same?


About 10 years ago I built myself an on/off road gas/electric hybrid mobility scooter that I carry on a hitch rack with a ramp. By it being a mobility scooter, it’s legal everywhere without any licensing. It’s great off road & on trails, and with electric I can use it indoors too. So it’s a great and fun off road capable, long distance, grocery getter as well as stuck/broke transportation.

With a trailer for my gear, I can camp far more remotely than I could ever get with my van. I enjoy tent camping near fishing holes that would be too far for me to hike with all my gear.

Now, I broke my knee, so it’s in use every day, and boy am I glad to have it.


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Shows that with some ingenuity and smarts there’s always a way to be more independent.


I always try to satisfy the forever nagging voice in my head which says repeatedly: “What if no help is available?”. On the up side, the resulting planning has saved me many times.


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I haven’t received my motorcycle carrier yet, and heading out for a 5-day trip to southern Utah tomorrow. So there’s a bicycle hitch carrier on the van now - at least I’ll have a bicycle.


Anything is better than nothing! Enjoy your trip!


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Thanks. The MC carrier should be delivered next month. I guess there’s a demand for them right now.