How do you keep your van's exterior clean?

Hi all! I posted a similar question in the newbie section (which I am), but it’s probably better here. Also, I’ve created a short survey to better understand how people keep their van clean. I haven’t found an adequate product, but perhaps other people have. Please share your thoughts! Thank you in advance!

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Here’s the full link:

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I didn’t like your survey, but if you want to ask your questions here, I’m sure many people will answer.

Don’t expect email addresses, zip codes, or any other personal information though!!!


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I completely understand the privacy concerns, and tried to be sensitive to that. I only ask for an email address and zip code. The email address helps ensure the integrity of the results; I am not a corporation looking to spam or otherwise profit on this information. The zip code is helpful because I suspect there are different concerns/habits depending on the part of the country. If that is too personal, then a “99999” answer will suffice. Thank you for the feedback!

Soap, water, elbow grease.

Yes, I use those as well :). But it’s dirty again within just a few days. So I’m experimenting with different types of covers. I’m curious to know if there are any good solutions to keeping it clean after a wash.

I don’t worry about it unless I’m driving on salty roads. The color of my van doesn’t show dirt much anyway, and who am I trying to impress (nobody).

Ok, that’s certainly a common response. Thanks for the input!


I wash my van multiple ways:

  • In the rain.
  • At a DIY coin-op car wash
  • At a roadside teenager car wash
  • Using the weed sprayer I use for showers.

I have a long telescoping handle brush that works wonders.

A good wax job keeps it cleaner longer, and makes washing it easier. I use the wax option at the coin-op car washes for this, to make it quick and easy. A couple times a year seems sufficient.

"Always avoid expensive solutions to cheap problems." ~ OffGrid

I’m guess you’re looking for something more than to wash the van when it’s dirty enough for you. Sorry, can’t help you.

I’m actually trying to find out if there would be interest in a type of cover that only covers certain sections of the van. I’ve found that it’s mostly the non-horizontal surfaces that quickly get dirty after a wash.


You can look into mud flaps or a ceramic coating on the exterior.

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