How do you keep your van clean?

Hey so we just parked in the front of a beach on top of a relatively muddy hill. You must think, well of course your camper is dirty as shit and now you want a magic solution. Yes.

But yeah, even without mud, how do you clean your van, keep the floor or mats decent and keep the dirt out? What do you have on the floor?
We have two rubber mats and two fabric mats but we haven’t found the best use/configuration to keep inside as clean as possible and maybe only have one mat that is extremely dirty.
Also, do you use shoes inside your living area?

We are a mess lol


no shoes premitted inside !, special play at the door here for shoes

works quite well for us

our floor is vinyl which is very easy cleanable


Well our van doesn’t really have “living space”, but we take our shoes off and leave them in a gap we have between the bed and door which helps a lot with not getting dirt everywhere

Makes sense. Forgot to mention that I love to walk barefoot outside, hard to leave them out.
But yeah, I guess is a lot about discipline when getting in and out.

We used to leave a washing up bucket with a bit of water to wash off sand and an old towel to dry before getting in the van. But In truth, I don’t think there is any perfect solution to cleanliness. Just have to try your best to stay on top of it!

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So before I begin, I will admit that we are pretty stereotypical - “dirty hippies”, haha. We have dirt and sand and dog hair in our bed and on our couch always! BUT, we do clean the van daily. The difference between cleaning our former 2 story house in the burbs vs. cleaning our van is about a 3 hours difference :joy:! We have a little hand broom and dustpan that is able to sweep up almost every nook and cranny of the van - floor, countertops, steps, etc, but we also found a small black and decker 12v vacuum that we travel around with as well for those times that we drive down a dusty dirt road and forget to close the windows (this has happened far too many times – we’ll learn one of these days, haha)! Hope you find this helpful! And just remember, a little dirt never hurt anyone :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Another trick you may find helpful as far as dirty sheets, is we safety pinned our fitted sheet to the end of our bed (the part that faces the rear doors). When the sheets get a little too covered in dirt and sand, we just grab the sheet (keep it safety pinned), and pull the sheets over the bed, out the back of the van to essentially flip the sheets upside down, outside of the van. Makes for a SUPER easy way to dust off the sheets! We travel with two dogs so discovering this little hack has been a game changer.


Baby wipes/wet wipes are the magic solution !!

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We get by with just a broom and Lysol wipes in our bus. We regularly hang our sheets and rugs out and beat them with a stick to get the dust. Then we leave the sheets out in the sunshine to help freshen them up.

There real trick is making sure we deep clean the bus when staying with family or friends. Usually twice a year

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