How do I price my 95 Chevy G20 Partial build?!

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Hello all! New here! I started this build a few years back, ended up just turning to full time RV instead. I have a Chevy G20 build I didn’t finish. The van runs and drives well. Front and Rear AC work. Solar panels, dometic AC. Cedar plank ceiling with puck lights. Electrical wiring started, mostly completed. AC-DC converter, inverter box and 4 batteries. Upgraded airbag suspension. I want to price it fairly but also recoup cost if

I can. Subfloor is down, insulation installed. Needs a floor, cabinet with counter, sleeping area. The factory electric seat to bed is there.

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Gutting it really killed it’s value. Somebody willing to finish it would probably want it for scrap prices.

As it sits, my guess would be maybe $2500 tops.

Now if you still have them, and can replace the original floor, walls, middle seats, TV etc. so the only noticeable change is the ceiling & A/C, I would guess you could get $6-$7k out of it.

Once back to original, if you removed the middle seat behind the driver (but included it) and replaced it with the kitchenette unit out of something like a tent trailer, (I’ve purchased them for $50-$200 used), it could sell for up to $10-$11k. A used compact wet bath ($50-$100) could raise the sale price an additional ~$1k.


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