How ambitious is this project?

I recently required my late grandmother’s '94 Caravan with just 80k original miles. It needs all brake and fuel lines, fuel pump, rust work, leaf springs, repaint, front end etc. It sat for 8+ years but I got it running with ease before the fuel pump quit.

My plan is to of course fix the main issues, put down flooring inside and tint the windows to start. I just want to make it a comfortable go-anywhere van. Without sentimental value, I’d say it’s great for scrap!

Might be better off scrapping it and starting with something in better shape.

Greetings & Welcome!

Those were decent vans, and they have more headroom than the more modern ones.

The fuel pump on that is likely in the gas tank. I never replace them, I add a stand alone electric fuel pump under the hood. Much easier, and probably cheaper too. Just be sure to get one with the correct PSI.

The paint on those was lousy from the beginning. The problem is with the undercoat which is powdery. Fresh paint continues to flake off because of it. Some kind of truck bed liner might hold together on it though.

I had a 1987 Plymouth Grand Voyager that was totally awesome. I put the rear seats in storage, and did a no build conversion. Very comfortable, reliable, and got a legitimate 25mpg on the highway with plenty of power. Everything about it was better than the Astro that I had for a short time.


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