Hoping to merge work and van life. Dual slider build experience?

hello, my name is julianne. I have been a social worker and therapist for 10+ years and travel has always been my self care. I have traveled abroad but slowly transitioning to a slower pace and excited to travel more locally. I am hoping to find a way to incorporate a van life while also working in the helping field by bringing therapy and self care on the road. Still plotting on how to merge my worlds while looking for a van to be a home/office and healing space. If anyone knows someone doing anything similar please let me know.
Also, has anyone completed a build in a sprinter with dual sliding doors?
I am so excited to join this community of dreamers and doers.
Thank you,


Don’t know anyone in your exact situation but I do know of some people who are in the doctors fields. I guess that’s the closest thing I can think of that relates to you.

Do you have anything in mind right now, in terms of ideas for merging the two lifestyles?

I am a therapist and teach self care, mindfulness etc. I’d be looking to bring awareness to mental health but also providing services along the road. Just seeing if anyone has come across this.


Does yoga relate to your field at all? I know a couple vanlifers who do yoga if it helps.

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