Hollow Soffit Board for roof ceiling

hello everyone
i was wondering if anyone can give me some advise on cladding the roof of my van that I haven’t brought yet (its all dreaming and planing at the mo) watch tons off youtube vids and read loads but i have not seen anyone use Hollow Soffit Board they look like T&G and come in 5 mtr lengths and you could fix them without seeing any fixings they come in different colours they also have an air cap all the way through which i think would help keep the van warm along with normal roof insulation but not so interested in the insulation side off things I thought that might be a bonus. It’s more about the panelling it self, would they be any good as an alternative to the normal wood T&G would there be any benefits or down sides to the pvc soffit boards thanks H300WG-0 so if anyone has any thoughts on this sort off panelling please share your wealth of knowledge with me thanks

Greetings & Welcome!

It looks lighter than all the heavy wood that some people use, so that is a huge plus. Insulation works much better for sound deadening than it does temperature control, to stay comfortable requires good heating and cooling equipment regardless of whether you have any insulation or not.

In mine, the roof above both my heater and my stove can get quite warm, so I would check the temperature ranges of whatever you use to make sure it won’t damage it, or figure out some kind of a heat shield for it where appropriate.


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