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Howdy y’all,
Don’t ask me why I’m writing like I’m from the Wild West but it sounded good at the time. :rofl:
I’m about a 1/3 of the way done! I’ve run out of money, so I’m at a dead stop! :cry: I’m wondering if anyone out there has any tips for generating income quickly? I need to get this build completed! I’m working on a 2011 Intl engine Allison Transmission. Inside has been stripped, I have supplies, but not enough to finish any one project at this time. Literally on the strugglebus!

Greetings & Welcome!

Money is frequently the most most useful tool in the box…

Day Labor is a great answer, go today, work today, get paid today. Rinse & Repeat as long as necessary. They typically have many jobs available, and a decent selection of job types.

If I need money today, that’s my go to. I’ll also use them to build enough funds to live on until I have enough saved to wait for a regular job paycheck that won’t arrive for a week or two.

Temp Agencies can place you in longer temporary jobs, but aren’t same day pay.

In both cases, if they like you, they may offer you a full time job as well. I once landed an easy full time+ $26/hr forklift driver job from a day labor place, and another delivery job for $20/hr full time. From a temp agency, I landed a full time ice cream truck driver job making a minimum of $300/day, same day pay. Banked the bucks and had a blast on that job, working 7 days a week (my choice) all summer long.

Knowing how to get a job immediately whenever you need it is one of the most important skills to learn.


"Failures are merely a learning oportunity." ~ Rubber Tramp

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