Hit 10 years in Brooklyn, I bought a Van and now what?

Hello everyone,
I’m Vic. I ran a full metal and wood shop for the past couple years building custom furniture and my own art. I began to feel like I was spending too much time inside and trying to maintain the NY hustle. When I approached my 10 year mark I knew I needed to make a change. So I bought Sabine, She’s my 2002 Ford E150 conversion van. I’ve built some storage and a bed, installed solar (which i’m still trying to understand the charge controller) and a hand pump sink. Been on the road since aug 1st and love it so far. Ive reduced my shop space but have kept a good assortment of tools. I’m looking to pick up jobs along my road.
I’d love to meet other vanlifers, learn about how to make this life sustainable and get connected with projects along the way.

feel free to connect! lets have coffee and swap stories. currently in philadelphia finishing up a project but back on the road end of next week.

me on insta @valenciadesigns


That’s awesome Vic!

Nice to have you join us. Just checked out your Instagram and I love the stuff you’ve made, which makes me interested in seeing the inside of your van!

Would you be able to post an interior shot on here as well?

Best Regards!

Greetings & Welcome!

A helpful hint is to build your house to actually live in, not just out of. There will be times when you’ll want or need to hunker down for a while, and it’s a whole lot better if your van is comfortable as well as livable.


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thanks @van_dweller It’s super cozy inside. I used to live in a small treehouse I built in a warehouse in brooklyn and it kinda feels the same. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome @HenryCooper. I’ll post some pics soon. Still have a few more things to do like doors for shelves and covering the ceiling which is a pain because its such a curvy fiberglass surface.

Do you have shots of yours?

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