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Are there any long-distance thru-hikers here? I am planning a trip in a few months to hike overnight one night. I would like to start off small. I am a lite packer. Just the basics. My question…while training for this I need to get used to the weight I will be carrying. How much should I add to my pack during each training session? I have some muscle problems which is why I need to train and practice.
My husband and daughter will be coming with me. We will be packing a small tent, sleeping bag, extra pants, shirt, socks, underwear, water, sleep mat, pillow(sm?), some canned food, oatmeal, trail mix, jerky, some other light snacks, propane tank, and burner.
Also, I read to bring 1 liter of water for each hour of hiking? We will be gone a bit over 24 hours. I don’t know what the general rule is on that.
Any other advice would be great.

A better place to ask your questions would be a backpacker forum. There are also tons of online articles that would probably answer your questions. Google “backpacking basics” “getting started in backpacking” “lightweight backpacking” etc.

The backpacker forums aren’t very active sadly. I joined one. Nothing. The videos are long-winded. I hate YouTubers that over-explain everything. Highly annoying. Straight and to-the-point YouTubers…please! Some of the articles and a book I got is long-winded as well. I like bullet points and a short explanation.

Sometimes long-winded and reading books is good. If the teacher is good there can be a lot to learn. Nothing learned is ever wasted - it makes us who we are. Nobody is going to know exactly what you’re looking for, so that work is up to you.

I am an avid backpacker and happy to give some guidance.

How far are you going and what is the Terrain like?

If you are not experienced yet with carrying a pack, I would recommend to keep mileage low, even if you are in great shape and are used to hiking many miles. You can always set up camp and go out on a day hike.

When it comes to what to bring, keep in mind that you are only going out for one night. Chances are you will not need extra clothes, or a lot of extra “just in case” items. The more you pack, the more you have to carry. If you’re not hiking terribly far, and you’re not in a super remote area, and you have other people with you, you will be pretty safe.

Do a google search for Outside Magazine Backpacking 101, and a bunch of good links will pop up. Dig in and learn some good tips!

That said, it’s your first trip! Just get out there and DO IT! It won’t be perfect, but that’s not the point. Just have fun :slight_smile:

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The terrain is going to be steep and rocky. I am so out of practice! I am a dog walker, but that in no way compares to a steep rocky hike carrying a few items. I have some muscle problems that are being worked out. So I am looking to ease myself back into being more aggressively active. We did a lot of hiking and bouldering when I was younger. I was going to do this last year, but…the virus. Thank You for the Outside Magazine suggestion. I will check it out!

You’re welcome and best of luck!! You also mentioned joining a backpacking forum that didn’t respond? Two that I use are VERY active- Backpacking Light forum, and on Facebook the Ultralight Backpacking group. They are very welcoming of all experience levels, and can give great advice on gear recommendations.

How far are you planning to hike? 2 miles on steep and rocky are much different than 12. What sort of muscle problems? I’m also an athletic trainer and happy to give some recommendations for how to prepare. No matter what it’s your first trip, you’ll be sore, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome :sunglasses:

It will be about an 8 mi round trip. But due to the terrain and my muscles I will be taking my time. I intend to extend the length and amount of nights in the future.
The muscles spasm and get tight, ache. I was told possible ms. I had another mri Thursday. It is what it is or isnt. I do a lot of stretches. A lot of walking and day hikes. Seems to be the only thing that helps at the moment.

That sounds like a good game plan! If you know what helps and are already working with some professionals that’s the number one way to go. Best of luck to you!!

Hey, like some users already suggested, try to search for Blog Articles. The best maybe from pages that sell equipment and are specialized. Of course a lot of them will try to make you buy their stuff, but can be really helpful and give you the best possible tips. You will for sure find there a lot of information regarding backpack and equipment. Just Google for “What to bring for a hike”

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The list you mentioned is probably the basic things you need. For a starter that is just what you need. Bring a knife and first aid kit (I swear first aid kit would be helpful if you are a starter since most of the time you would have a cut or scratch from branches).