High top cargo van - still not enough headspace?


Just purchased a 2007 ford e-250 with a high top that was previously a wheelchair van. When we looked at this van there was concern about the height. Although it has the raised roof, my boyfriend is just a tad bit too tall for it at 5ft 9”. So its not a huge roof, but it had some paneling on the ceiling that we were hoping to remove and get a couple more inches of headspace out of. We thought this because the cab area was the right height so we figured its gotta be the same height across the whole thing, right? We were right and wrong. We uncovered welded metal bars that go across the ceiling that those panels were screwed into. Huge bummer as we were seriously hoping to be able to stand straight in this van. Its only got 30k miles so it was a great deal and we are gonna stick with it, but im wondering if anyone else has seen this before? Most videos ive seen of high tops dont have these bars so im questioning how important they are for supporting the fiberglass roof and of there is an alternative for supporting the roof that will allow us to remove the bars.

Attaching a pic for reference. Any suggestions are appreciated!



I’ve seen people remove them, but I wouldn’t.

I’d put it back together and sell it, and find one that is tall enough.


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Hey there!

Build a frame out of 2x4s that will support the weight on if the top. Then jack the bottom of the frames up to relieve pressure off of the supports

You can make a frame that’ll work for under $20 if you’re inventive

Sweet find!