Hi there...this is me :-)

Hi there!
I am Lis and totally new in a forum-world.

Born and living in the Netherlands, i hope my school learned English is good enough.
Right now i am 50 years young, have 2 kids and finally the time has come that they don’t want to go on vacation with their parents anymore.
After going on small road trips in the USA for 5 times now, we are considering buying a Van in the Netherlands or in the States. We traveled with rental RV’s and with little rental Vans. Yes, the big ones are more lux but we love the little Vans more!

I hope to learn a lot on this forum about Camper Vans. How to build, tips, tricks and all there is to know.

Looking forward to getting to know and learn from you.

Lis :slight_smile:

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Greetings & Welcome!

We’re here to help, and look forward to hearing more from you.


"Smiles are contagious, pass it on!" ~ Van_Dweller

Thank you so much :smile:

hi lis! welcome to this community! Hope you will find good advice here, and enjoy your time here!
lots of nice pple here like van_dweller and folks! =)

Hi Lis,

I’m new to the forum as well. I am in the process of fixing up my van. I plan to head out next year. I wish you the best of luck in your travels, and hope to see you out there on the road soon. Cheers!