Hi project vanlife folks!

Introduce Yourself…

Hi everyone!

Hummm, what is too long of an introduction, what is too short? Here goes… My name is AM (pronounced by saying each letter or like A.M.). Though I have been interested in and dreaming of extended travel in a vehicle or van for years, I am just coming to finding the vanlife community and all the resources there are. My life has always been pretty non-conventional having been a tall ship sailor, environmentalist, outdoor educator, teacher, social justice activist, worked in international peacebuilding and conflict transformation, been Greenpeace crew, Outward Bound staff and more. These days, I work for a public library.

I’m gathering the information to purchase and build out a van for extended travel and to eventually live in full-time. I will most likely be a solo female traveler though I will have my service dog with me. Oh, that may be important to share - I am a part time wheelchair user. I can walk short distances and would navigate in a van without a wheelchair, I need wheels to navigate any distances. I love exploring, meeting folks, adventuring, and being in beautiful places and really want to continue to do so even as my body changes.


Welcome to the forums!

Excited to hear you are looking to go wandering and I look forward to future updates as your progress!

Greetings & Welcome!

We’re here to help however we can, so don’t be bashful!


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In a facebook group I’m in there is one guy who built a van for himself. He is also a wheelchair user and the special thing in his van is a wheelchair lift he bought from a salvage yard. It is for a side door, used to be in a taxi.

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Hi! Would you mind sharing which FB group?

It is a small finnish camper van / offgrid campers group, not building focused. Also not in english :slight_smile:


If you need wheelchair van, I would suggest starting with one.


"Smiles are contagious, pass them on!" ~ Van_Dweller

Thanks anyway! I appreciate your replies!

No, I don’t need a wheelchair van or anything with a lift like that as I can walk short distances particularly if I can “furniture/wall surf.” :innocent: Good thought though for those who might benefit from one!

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I was thinking that the lift would help moving the wheelchair itself and possibly other heavy items in and out. I might have overestimated how heavy wheelchairs today are and underestimated your strength :slight_smile:

Thanks for your thoughts. You have good points. Thankfully my chair is about 10lbs, less if I remove wheels, cushion, and back. The ability to lift things into and out of van by using a wheelchair lift is intriguing.