Hi! Nice to meet you!

Hello, All! I’m Jeanette. Right now Ryan (husband) and I camp out of our 2014 Promaster High Top Cargo Van. It’s totally modular, bare bones, and Low Tech. There is sound proofing, Thinsulate, foam board, Reflectix, thick rubber floor mat, portable folding tables, 5 gallon water bottles with battery powered pump, Korean cook stove, collapsible sink, sawdust toilet, bunks made out of 6 foot long industrial shelf from Lowe’s that has memory foam cushions to sleep on, a Hammock hanging inside, Goal Zero Yeti 1500 and bunches of hanging GZ lights, Dometic Freezer/Fridge combo, Dog Beds, etc.

It’s not fancy, but it’s awesome. We haven’t done a hard conversion to it because we own Viking Kayaks USA and Rockport Kayak, and need to transport kayaks and gear both on a trailer and inside the van.

We have windows, Max Air, and Solar that have yet to be installed.

In the mundane world I am a Hospice RN, and I drive an older Ford SUV all day long. I have been wanting to go full-time #VanLife for YEARS. I need to get my own van, ditch the SUV, and do a full conversion.

I’m actually here to gleam some info on how people have ditched a house full of stuff, and convinced their spouses that it’s a great idea!

Thanks for reading!:alien:

Greetings & Welcome!

Ditching a house and all your belongings is usually a poor choice until you’re absolutely sure you’ll enjoy being a full timer.

How easy or difficult will it be for you to create the needed income while traveling? Some people rent out their houses to finance their travels…


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Thanks for the Welcome!

We don’t own this house, and I refuse to buy one. Personally, I’m okay with ditching “stuff”. We already have the rule that if we purchase a tangible item, it has to really add value to our lives, and 4 things have to go if 1 item comes into the home. Our biggest obstacle to full-timing is the fact that we run our business out of our home, plus storage units filled with kayaks. Once we move into a big warehouse, which is in the works, I think we may be able to make a shift, but not until at least 1 van is totally converted.

We both travel for work, so that’s not an issue. In fact, a rolling office would be a big plus in my world as an Admissions RN.

Thanks for your input!


Don’t forget about factory camper vans or motor homes either, they are frequently cheaper than building your own, and they’re move in ready.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller