Hi, new to the forum and just ordered a new Transit

Hi all! My wife and I are about 6 to 12 months out from retirement and looking forward to some extensive travelling around the US and Canada. We’re pretty experienced campers - backpacking, car tenting, pop-up trailer, etc., but new to vans. We once lived with our 4 young children in a pop-up during a relo while between houses, so we can do small. We looked at all the alternatives - short class A’s, truck slide-ins, trailers, etc., but we loved the class B’s. Well, everything but the prices and the build quality (or lack thereof) :grimacing: So, we are going all-in on building our own on a Transit high roof extended. I’m an industrial electrician by trade with a lot of mechanical/plumbing/carpentry experience as well, so hopefully I’ll figure it all out. Looking forward to learning some stuff here at projectvanlife and picking up on advice and tips. I’ll post more about we think is our simple (I like uncomplicated - it doesn’t break as much) but very utilitarian build in the near future. - 4eyedbuzzard

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Greetings & Welcome!

You’re my kind of people! I always practice & preach, simple & reliable, but comfortable.

Unfortunately, the quality of newer stuff is in the toilet when it comes to RV’s and so much more. 11 years ago, I rebuilt my 1973 Dodge Travco high top camper van because it was gutted when I bought it. I chose cheap, simple, & reliable, much of it recycled, repurposed, used, or free. (By choice, not financial need.) And I’m still a happy camper. It is fastly approaching 500k trouble free miles.

I’ve been a nomad since right out of high school, and I’m now 75 years old, so I’ve got a little experience if you need any advice.


"Wherever I may roam, I always take my home." ~ Van_Dweller

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