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Hi, I’m new to the forum but not new to van life. I’ve been living in a cargo trailer for a few years. Currently shopping for a small RV that I can fix up.

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I’m a big fan of RV’s, and some pretty nice older ones can still be found pretty cheap, especially during the fall/winter.

I prefer the older pre-computerized ones myself, but regardless of age, there’s a high chance that at some point it either had a leak, or was shut up tight when not in use, so it will have a damp, moldy, mildewy feel & smell inside, even if there are no visible signs of current damage inside.

The RV dealers use an ozone generator to kill the smell, the mold/mildew, and stop the advancement of dry rot. It will also kill off any bugs or insects. Ozone generators are the perfect solution to these problems, and unless there’s evidence of a current leak, that needs to be sealed, and it appears to be structurally sound, there’s really no need to tear into the floor/walls/roof. If they’re not structurally sound, I’d pass on it.

Shuttle buses can also be bought & converted very cheaply, if you just remove the seats and don’t gut the interior. Many people just move household furniture in and secure it. I’ve converted 40’ buses for under $750 all in, including a generator, and I’m talking about a very high quality looking conversion that could pass for a professional job. Almost everything was used, and free or cheap, but with quick refinishing, they were like new once again, and everything matched.

You can put foam board and paneling/flooring right over the original interior, and not have to mess with wiring or anything. The ceiling lights will then light up the interior of your upper cabinets. I convert all cabinet doors to sliding doors so they’ll stay shut while driving without the need of additional catches. A sliding door in front of a column of drawers keeps them shut & secure too. I try to use as little hardware as possible.

Good Luck! Hope this helps, and keep us posted!


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