Hi! Just a Chicago Overlander here!


Hi Vanlifers! :minibus:

I’m Rob, 34, from Chicago, preparing for a van life move to Hawaii. Currently have an 1989 Land Rover Defender 110 with 5 years of customization/fabrication/additions. I may switch to a stealth van in which I can stand at 6’2" comfortably.

I usually travel with a childhood friend, living out of the rig all over the US. In 2015, we did 10,000 miles in 30 days to the west coast and just got back from an adventure in Florida.

My plan is to downsize, sell my motorcycle business and go explore Hawaii…one sunset at a time!

Happy Trails!

-Rob @ Revel.Motorcycles


Where did you get thoose tents from? :heart_eyes:



The roof tent is from https://tepui.com and the fold out awning is https://www.safari-equip.co.uk/roof-tents-and-awnings.html. They are holding up really well and we did survive a few tropical storms! The only problem with this rig is the inability to stealth camp…it just sticks out everywhere you go in the states!

  • Rob


Thank youu !!!


LOL! The tent is awesome! :heart_eyes:


What van were you thinking?


Sorry for the delay.

I’m considering a high roof Sprinter or maybe installing a pop out top on something. It is hard to decide what you want vs what you “think” you need in a vehicle to live comfortably.

~ Rob