Hi Jerry Lopez Here @middleagecrisisadventures


Im Jerry Lopez, Based in LA, CA, i work in the music industry and im ready to fullfill my dreams, soon you will know me as @middleagecrisisadventures on the social media, as in now im learning, researching and developing my idea of my perfect sprinter van, hope to make many new friends and exchange adventures, experiences, knowledge thanks in advance for accepting me here and for your friendship


Welcome to the forum.

And goodluck on your journey. Let us know how it goes!


What exactly do you do in the music industry, whats does your job entail?


Greetings and Welcome!

There may be better options than Sprinters. I am a huge supporter of cheap, older, pre-computerized vans, and cheap conversions, but with full ammenities.

The amount of money you can save by being a vandweller is directly affected by how much money it costs to achieve it. The more it costs, the less you’ll save. The newer the vehicle, the greater the depreciation. A $2k vehicle and conversion will pay for itself much quicker than a more expensive one. Expensive vehicles and conversions may never pay for themselves. Unlike real estate, vehicles are a depreciating asset, and that fact is often forgotten by people anxious to make life changes.

Sprinters are known to be very problematic and very high cost of ownership vehicles. Something to do your research on. Search for “sprinter problems” to get a good education. It should also be mentioned that CARGO VANS ARE NOT STEALTHY, if that’s a concern for you.

I’ll be looking forward to progress reports and information exchanges.



Audio Eng/Production Manager


Thanks for these tips, ill be researching more


That’s awesome. Goodluck on the road!