Hi I'm new, saying hello

Introduce Yourself…

I’m Matt, a burnt out, thoroughly disillusioned 40 something bloke!
Got a bit of cash from work now my jobs been eaten by Covid 19… and I’m looking to fulltime it in a van!
I never new finding the right van could be so hard. I’m thinking of just building one myself.
2 problems. I have no experience with electrics solar etc.
Also I have nowhere to actually do the building!
Thought I’d say hello anyway :smile:

Greetings & Welcome!

  • Avoid purchasing most home built camper vans. The quality & safety are questionable.
  • Check your local classifieds and compare prices between vans and factory camper vans or motorhomes. Many older factory campers are in excellent shape with low miles and a cheap price tag. They are also move in ready. The best time to start saving money is with your initial purchase.
  • If building your own, you can save a ton of time & money by starting with a passenger van with already finished interior. You can simply remove the extra rear seats, and move your new camping setup in.
  • Moving your new interior in and securing it is frequently a better option than actually building it in.

Good Luck & keep us posted!


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