Hi Im new, looking for tips for Sound deadening

Hello, our names are Ola and Maja, and we’ve been looking at different options of sound deadning our upcoming build.
We own a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2012 - 316 extended version.

We’ve been looking trough many options
Starting with Beautyl/reflectives
Such as Killmat, Fatmat, Noico.

Dynomat was super pricy here in Norway, so we’ve left that out as an option.

Example: after using killermat covering atleast 25% surface area, is there any further sound deadning required such as “foam mats”?
We’re planning to be living in this van fulltime for 2-5 years in the near future. So sound deadning will be a little crusial for comfort.

We will obviously have to insulate for both summer and winter weather which will be a challenge. But that will be in the future after all planning is “done”

We’re just lost in the sound deadening world. And cant find any “so youre planning to live in your camper van, here are some tips”. Any help would be appreciated for our project Bluee :blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sonic Barrier mat, Parts Express, 1/2 the price of Dynomat

Yeah Im definently not buying dynomat at the price of 299$ so Im not going for that product.
Ill look into the product.

Im just wondering if its a good idea to add insulation foam sheets over the sound deadning plates.

As a cheap alternative which I believe worked pretty well is carpet padding with half-inch foam board over top. Seems much cheaper than this stuff and I’m sure equally effective if not better.

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Try looking in to Flashband under Building products third of the price of usual suspects have installed it in van conversion in the past and even more recently in an area of workshop that has a metal roof with a very noticeable reduction in noise when raining

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