Hi, I'm Kelsey! Loving the #VanLifeSummit

Introduce Yourself…

Hi folks! I’m Kelsey (they/she pronouns), and I live in Colorado. Realizing that I don’t want my next life transition to be about a JOB but a lifestyle change is exciting! I’ve been researching van life for about a year now, and starting to make a transition plan for 2024-2025 to get going. Hoping to meet other LGBTQIA vanlifers, people planning different phases of this transition (renting a van for a bit, buying a pre-built van, building one themselves), and anyone into storytelling. Hope you’re enjoying the @project.vanlife #vanlifesummit ! <3


Welcome to the community @kelseyschultz09


Life is far from free, regardless of your lifestyle, and for most, it gets much harder to make money as we age.

Following that reasoning, I agree with the people who believe that jobs, money, income, etc. should always come first.

At the age of 77 and someone who has always put money first, I can tell you that doing so has only improved my life. I have never once missed out on anything that I really wanted to do, and was able to do much more than most, simply because I had the money to do it.

Working full time takes up less than 1/4 of our life, and finances the other 3/4 of our life. That seems to be more than fair for a work/life balance.


"Ignorance can cost more than an education." - Sir Claus Moser