Hi, I’m new here!

Introduce Yourself…

I’m Cass. I just joined Project VanLife, excited to be here as I plan toward a new chapter in my life of living the dream, with purpose, in a home on wheels.
I’m in the beginning stages of planning and working toward that dream and hope to be inspired by you all on this forum.

Happy Adventures!

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Greetings & Welcome!

I always suggest that people get their mobile friendly income sorted out and working first, and that nobody should gamble more than they can afford to lose.

We’re a friendly bunch, and here to help. Don’t be bashful… Even if you think a question is stupid, the answer could help countless other people too.

The more choices and options that we can make available, the better the chances that people can make the right decisions for their own circumstances.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

Thank you :pray:t2: @Van_Dweller

hi cass

welcome and yeah you will learn lots on here im in the planning stages myself and currently binge watching you tube and doing research so that i may make informed choices when it comes to actually parting with hard earned cash

if you need any help then you have come to the right place dont be taken in by the wistful adventures on instagram or you tube from what ive discovered it can be quite a challenge

and yes it can be liberating and exciting and lots of people are now turning towards this lifestyle but dont fool your self it can be hard

so the better you prepare yourself the easier it will be.

i can point you to a whole load of very informative and helpful clips on you tube

you dont say where you are located
im here in the uk

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. I am here in the USA. I was on a YouTube binge last night myself :wink: mostly watching clips on Female VanLifers as there is always another level of safety and vulnerability living that lifestyle full time traveling as a woman.

I also just found my dream van posted for sale all decked out and ready to go but it’s bad timing as I don’t quite have the funds yet and I am still looking for remote jobs that could sustain me on the road.

As you mentioned it’s not all roses and Instagram perfect and I want to be as prepared and educated as I possibly can, before making that transition.

Looks like you have an exciting adventure ahead of you in the UK.


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Hello Cass,

Like you I too am looking to begin my journey and am also in the US. I know how you feel, about the “dream van” being posted but not being ready for it. Two vehicles I was super excited about I lost out on because I wasn’t quite ready yet for them. :pensive:

I’m still weighing out exactly what I want too though, so not a terrible loss. Still trying to figure out just how small I can go, and what type of foundation I want. I’ve seen VanDweller mention several times that starting out with an RV is a good route, but I feel like I’d have to gut it a lot to remove/change some of the systems to fit what I am working towards…

Anyway, welcome to the forums! I’m fairly new too, so any questions you might ask could also be useful to me, so I look forward to your posts! :smile: