Hi, I’m Amy and I think it’s finally time to join you

**Introduce Yourself…**I’m 61 yo. I retired early and moved in with my parents in 2017 to care for them and help them complete their journey. The toughest and most rewarding task I’ve ever undertaken. Now I need to do this for me. That’s all I’m sure of. Hoping to learn from all of you so that I can make better choices as I step into my journey

Greetings & Welcome!

For most people a dirt cheap, OLD, used motorhome is actually the best choice. They’re move in ready, and all or most of the amenities people want/need. They can still be found dirt cheap, with low miles, and in excellent condition.

A friend just picked up a 70’s top of the line Lazy Daze Class C with 18,000 original miles for $800 in San Diego. Move in & road ready. He drove it back to Boston with zero problems.


"A cheap factory camper van or motorhome beats
an expensive project every time." ~ Truth_Matters!