Hi I’m Aimee, could do with some advice on how to get started

Hi there. I’m Aimee :wave:. 38, married to Adam 38 from the UK.
The other half and I are just starting to make plans for a year long trip around the US and Canada. Total newbies!
Looking to take a sabbatical from work for the first year and then see where the road takes us, hoping to work as we go.
Trying to understand the insurances and legalities of the trip, van insurance?!?! Do we have to keep the vehicle taxed? MOT’d? Looking at both central and South America.
Freight the van? Travel to Hamburg and sail to CA?
Don’t want to travel the UK or Europe on this trip unless we have to (getting the van to port).
Any advice, how to even start planning and finances. Working while on the move?

Thanks so much

Hi Aimee! Cool plan! :heart_eyes: Don’t know about insurance in the UK (we’re from Amsterdam and have the car, travel and health insurance) but there’s a Dutch couple (The Green Native) who are in South America now, they also traveled the US & Canada. Maybe it helps! Good luck!

If you have no desire to drive EU, why not just buy a van in the Pacific Northwest and start driving south (or if you get lucky find a traveler who just drive south but is selling the vehicle in Argentina)?

Shipping is costly, as is importing/registering a foreign vehicle here. Most countries in central/South America won’t give you hassles for a North American vehicle, but importing to Canada or the US is a huge headache.

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