Hi from England, Just Joined

Hi we are Luke, Chrissy and Poppy (little bear) from the United Kingdom we are new to the van life experience. We have spent the last 6 months really looking into the van life living. A little about us, we are in a position to go on the road for a minimum of a year and explore Europe, ( we will have our house to come back to when/if we return) our biggest concern is taking Poppy on the road (she is 19 months) and finding the right sort of vehicle.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and anyone and advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks guys

Hello. Take a look at David John’s van build on youtube at Vandamonium. He is in England as well. Time to explore Europe and a house to go back to - well done you!!

Hi, thanks for the response we will check out his video on YouTube.