Hi Friends! New to the Van World - In Vegas

Hi friends! My name is Michael. I’m currently fact finding and getting started in van life through enrollment in the academy.

I’m still having troubles deciding on van height, but I’m 5"8 for context. One “non-negotiable” with me is I’m taking my queen size bed with me. Only reason being is I JUST got it in March, or more accurately, my father got it for me. I had a fire and he was nice enough to get me a Serta bed which is the comfiest thing I’ve ever slept on, so it’s definitely coming with

I’ve been in an apartment and on my own for only two years. March 8th I had an apartment fire and lost EVERYTHING. Luckily my landlord/complex had units so I was given a new unit, but I’m starting from scratch furniture wise. As I get things I’m trying to keep in mind and ask myself “is this/can this go in my van?” - when I had my fire I had to sign a year lease, so I basically have a year to get into my van.

I’m currently working as an armed security officer in the City of Las Vegas. One of my jobs is very near and dear to me and that’s actually a very niche job within the security industry. I’m a “Security Police Officer” at McCarran International Airport, I’m essentially sworn/commissioned security on any and all FAA-Federal Property. I eventually want to actually go into Land Management Law Enforcement, think US Forestry or BLM type LE work.

I currently have 2 cats, this is something else I’m keeping in mind as I envision my van in my head.

I also need space for an e-bike (I plan on getting one for mountaineering/outdoors stuff so I’m just thinking ahead) as well as space for my firearms and assorted security equipment. I would like to stick to my current profession as I’m only doing a van to be free of landlords and whatnot, I want “out” from “under somebody’s thumb” is the big draw to van dwelling for me. But also being able to be mobile and relocate easily is the real “ticket” draw for me. Once I get to where I want to be in my career it’ll be neat to be able to just pick up and go as I get reassigned somewhere.

Right now as I go through Academy I’m having troubles narrowing what van is best for me, I’m torn between Fords, Dodge’s/Promasters or Winnebago. I know with all my “particulars” I’m gonna definitely have to fact find and decide what’s for me, it’s a process, but I’m trying not to psych myself out (I get easily flustered in big thinking/analytical projects like this, despite having an analytical mind, I over-analyze things to death which freaks myself out). I definitely will need to outsource say my plumbing and other “in-depth” work to some pros, depending on if my friend who’s done work in a trailer can help me out.

Well that’s it from me, I think I covered all my bases for now, I look forward to hearing from everybody!

I sleep on a 22inch wide cot. I admit it’s not as comfortable as a bigger bed but I do sleep well once I’m asleep. I can’t even imagine having a queen sized bed in my mobile motel :slight_smile:

As far as the cats…I love cats. When I was very young I didn’t understand them and listened to the dumb rhetoric about them. Then I got a GF who had several and found they were not much different than dogs in terms of friendliness and fun to be around. Cats are wonderful and misunderstood and under rated by too many imo.

As far as the ebike…absolutely! I have one. It’s a converted 29" Walmart Mongoose MTB that I installed a 1000watt kit on and love it. I would like to take it with me but my vehicle is too small to secure it unfortunately so I don’t carry it with me even though I really would love to. Your larger vehicle should handle it.

Sounds like you are more than capable of doing what it takes. How do you like living in Vegas?
Thanks for the post :+1: